Design by the Numbers

Back to basics for Buro Destruct Designer, at least output-wise. It's a clever little App that also doubles as a promotional tool for the Swiss design collective, Buro Destruct. Based on the Swiss grid system, this App randomly throws out squares and circles, or both, and any combination thereof with a shake, or a push of the finger. It seemed like a good place to go for some basic shapes to potentially add elsewhere. The ease and speed of this, like a lot of the Apps, is great. It is very random, but whipping through so many possibilities would take forever in more traditional programs. You can check Buro Destruct out here. They also make this App for the Mac, but I found it more fun on the iphone. The ipad version may be the ticket, which I assume will be in the making. Check out their group portraits if you go to the website, maybe after turning on some Kraftwerk.

A few examples to show some possibilities, and a filtered composite I threw together with some type from Type Drawing.