Symmetry and Animation

Real time animation is one of the the more fascinating features in some of the art/drawing apps I've found. Below you'll see a sample that starts with something generated in iPocketDraw, a nice little vector drawing app, that was then run though one of the apps that has a real-time animated play feature to it; Kaleido.

Kaleido divides, mirrors, and quarters images in a manner similar to a basic kaleidoscope and gives you a control for focal depth, which adds endless possibilities to further distort the image. Just hit 'play' to start and stop the animation, and then hit 'save' when you have imagery you like. Given the current iphone resolution issues, working with anything too photographic tended to create pretty murky imagery. I went in the opposite direction and tried it with more basic line art, and stumbled onto a great pattern maker. By going back and using already saved Kaleido pieces, you can create even more variations in the patterns, as well as patterns of ever increasing detail. This pattern making process should translate to the ipad nicely, and be able to truly generate ready-for-print patterns, ornaments and backgrounds.

Given the volume of samples involved, I've taking some of the better patterns and turned them into booklets, a number of which are up at Issuu. Most of these booklets involve art originally generated in FatTag. FatTag, which is meant to simulate dripping markers or spray paint found in graffiti, is another app which uses animation as the drips continue away from your "ink" marks in one direction or the other. You can control the dripping for now by capturing screen grabs as you go. Below are several of the booklets, you can look at more if you wish by clicking through the embed (and zoom) to the Issuu website, and then clicking the author button in the corner. I have seven up at the moment, and have another handful or so to assemble. The actual creation process on the iphone of these patterns is extremely quick, and good animated fun.