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I recently purchased a deluxe version of the app FatTag(FatTagKatsu). It has a number of new features including more options for brushes, colors and backgrounds, as well as control over the dripping action. The last item mentioned is great as you now have the option of turning off the drip entirely. The dripping action now reacts in real-time to gravity, so the drips will curve if you rotate the phone as the drips are flowing. When drawing with the dripping action off, this has to be my favorite brush-drawing app to date. The touch/pressure response seems to be more fluid than anything else I've used. The resolution appears to be the same for now. It would be great if, at some future point, one could do this all on an ipad in print level resolution.

Below are a couple of patterns recently created in FatTagKatsu, and then run through Kaleido. 


on 2010-06-03 14:43 by Dan

Some new books of patterns have been put up at Issuu, and some more will be on the way when I get a chance to put them together.  

Open publication


on 2010-06-03 14:41 by Dan

The link to my pattern books at Issuu. Dan's books at Issuu